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They say great minds think alike. Well, here is a collection of ideas pooled together by art teachers everywhere. If you have a great idea, you write us at Info@myartlesson.com and we’ll add your idea. Meanwhile, here are 50 ideas to get you started. Some can be done virtually and some with low or no budget. 

  1. Inktober during October. Prompts can be found here
  2. Host an open studio where art club members can bring a friend. I used to do this near course sign-ups! 
  3. Masking and social distancing poster campaign.
  4. Execute a mural at your school. Inspiration here
  5. Community service projects for our school.
  6. Design an art club t-shirt! Here is one I did with my art club.
  7. Learn to tie-dye or batik
  8. One teacher did ongoing collaborative relief portraits of our administration using fruit loops and different colored Cheetos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR3-HuPOCH0HALCri3y62zBtzWcrQqbLoe5zl1zclT4tsc0paF0d8tsFyu8&v=i2duYw2-yM4&feature=youtu.be
  9. Some schools reported painting school or local store windows for homecoming or for the holidays. 
  10. Painted with residents at a local nursing home.
  11. Pumpkin carving contest, gingerbread house contest
  12. Valentine’s Day cards (My Art Lesson link here:)
  13. Art teacher Erin Marie does big year-long projects with the senior students and smaller seasonal projects with the juniors. “As the year progresses the juniors get to assist the seniors when needed. We have been doing wearable art….finding old wedding gowns and suits and using them as canvases that they can wear at our art’s night.”

  14. Host a college visit with portfolio reviews.
  15. Have an alum visit during college break to talk about their experience at art school and show work
  16. Community Projects such as Empty Bowls (https://www.facebook.com/groups/113311822348216/permalink/1258735611139159) or the memory Project (https://www.memoryproject.org/)
  17. Host a draw-a-thon. 
  18. Create an ABC book for students in grade 1, illustrated by your art club members.
  19. Do Oreo cookie carvings. Wait, you haven’t heard about this? Check this out then
  20. Participate in a monthly Art Dares (art challenges) at Art Prof (https://artprof.org/art-dares/)
  21. Host a gift night where students can come in and make a gift for someone. 
  22. Take a field trip to a museum.
  23. Host a Bob Ross paint along.
  24. Art Sale Fundraiser If you have a kiln, I have very successfully had students help make ceramic jewelry that we sold before Christmas. We did it 2 years in a row and it was a hit. This is an example of what art teacher Jenna Bailey did for her art club fundraiser.

  25. Painted Rocks
  26. Sticker Mule to create art club stickers
  27. Fundraiser activity idea: gift wrapping for teachers with gifts for the Holidays 
  28. Origami
  29. Have parents or local residents who work in an art-related career visit to talk to about their career. 
  30. Play Art Games! The Grand Museum of Art Board Game, Show Me the Monet, Manifesto: The Art Movements Game, Pictionary, are a few!
  31. Learn to yarn bombing.
  32. Make linocut cards. 
  33. Make chia pets out of clay, video how-to here
  34. Make homemade sketchbooks. Instructions and ideas here
  35. Watch an art movie or documentary (obviously, screen it first to see that it is appropriate for your school and age students). Examples: Girl with a Pearl Earring, Loving Vincent, Exit Through the Gift Shop. 
  36. Learn calligraphy.
  37. Make zentangles. Lesson idea here
  38. Shibori Tie-Dye for a paper workshop
  39. Found object collage, Loise Nevelson style. 
  40. Create styrogami. Exactos and styrofoam cup. 
  41. Do you have a ceramic program? Make a mug and then have a hot chocolate party. For virtual clubs, decorate a paper Starbucks cup. (Check out the possibilities on Pinterest).
  42. Host an art drive. What is an art drive? Where families donate art supplies that are sitting around unused. Digital Cameras, markers, paper, etc. 
  43. Hold a trashion challenge, ideas here
  44. Try gelatin printing, how to make your own plate, and a lesson.
  45. Try making neurographic art.
  46.  Make an exquisite corpse drawing. 
  47.  Marble paper or do what I did at the holidays with my art club and make marbled scarves for gifts.
  48. Plastic wrap/packing tape sculpture installations.
  49. Make painters tape murals.

Create a Chihuly-inspired sculpture, like this one.

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