Grade Level

9-10, 11-12


4 classes of 45 minutes per period s


Adobe Illustrator or other comparable vector art program



Lesson Objectives

For the student to…
Recognize the work of Jen Stark
Analyze her work for color usage. How would you describe her colors and color schemes.
Foe the students to draw parallels to other art movements and time periods in culture.
Create a Jen Stark inspired piece using digital art.

Introductory Activity

Look at the Stark’s work and possibly a documentary on her (there are resources at the bottom of this page).
Look at op art, color field paintings for similarities and differences.
Develop concept sketches in sketchbook.

Lesson Process

This lesson presumes some beginner knowledge of illustrator and the pen tool.
Steps for this lesson can be found on this My Art Lesson Video.


space, layers, paper, vector art, Jen Stark


Jen Stark Illustrator Lesson video on YouTube by My Art Lesson
Jen Stark | Psychedelic Nature and Mathematical Precision | Artist Interview – YouTube
amadeus presents | Jen Stark | artist profile – YouTube

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