25 Activities for your art room early finishers

There is no worse phrase in the art room than “I’m done. Now what?”  It’s inevitable that some students will finish before others.  While we can close the gap to some degree, we can’t avoid the reality of early finishers. If you teach middle school or intro high school classes you know it’s imperative for […]

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Drawing Cylinders Substitute Plan

This is a four-page (or two-page if printing back to back) handout on drawing cylinders and cylindrical forms. The first two pages can be used independently to supplement form lessons or use all four pages as a substitute plan. Click here to see and download the material.

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Woven Star Ornament Instruction Sheet

Earlier finishers? Extra time to fill before the Holiday break? We got you covered with this downloadable. instruction sheet on how to make a Woven Star Ornament. Paper, Scissors, and Glue are all you need.

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