Teaching Typography: Great online resources and games

A Crash Course in Typography: The Basics of Type Teach yourself and students critical design info like Typefaces vs. Fonts: Difference?  If you or your students are intimidated by typography this site is for you. KernType: A letter spacing game” This game will teach you what kerning is and will have you learn like a […]

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Ten End of the Year “Lifesavers”

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases The end of the year always brings a certain kind of stress and chaos. Portions of students missing for testing, field trips, and whatnot. Early finishers. Lack of motivation- for students and teachers! You just want to call the year done, but you know the phrase, […]

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Shall We Play A Game?

There is nothing better than finding the perfect way to entertain your students while you are out for a day. Did I say entertain? I mean educate. Well, let’s be real, it can be both and ideally is both. As a young teacher, a little bit before the internet, I took a personal day and […]

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