Giuseppe Arcimboldo Inspired Fruit & Veggie Portraits Presentation

Click on the green text to see and download the presentation of Giuseppe Arcimboldo Inspired Fruit & Veggie Portraits. This presentation goes along with Giuseppe Arcimboldo-inspired Food Face Lesson.

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Ink Monsters

Grade Level 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 Duration 2-3 45 minute class periods Materials Black India Ink. sharpie, micron pens, white smooth cardstock, scissors, glue. air spray canister (check and see if your tech folks have some to share) or straws, color pencils (optional) Media Pen and Ink, India Ink Lesson Objectives For the student to stretch […]

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Melted Still life

Grade Level 11-12 Duration 10 classes, 45 minutes Materials Graded Pencils Media Pencil Lesson Objectives For the student to: Draw a still life of basic forms with accuracy in depicting space and form. Use imagination and understanding of form to deconstruct and/or distort the still life. Introductory Activity Within a curriculum that leads up to […]

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