Posters of fun inspirational quotes for your art room

  A blank page quote 18×24 A blank page quote 11×17 Pencil mistake quote 18×24 Pencil mistake quote 11×17

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Back-to-school art teacher hacks

You have one shot to get the right planner for the year. Art teachers like Planbook, a web-based lesson planning system that encourages students, administrators, and other teachers to interact with a teacher’s plans. Try it free for thirty days. Erin Condren Planbooks are also highly thought of. This planbook, similar to the Eric Condren […]

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12 Books to Inspire and Entertain the Art Teacher

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Books and art were the mainstays of my childhood summers. What can be more entertaining than a book about art? I have compiled a list of 12 books for Art Teachers to jump-start your summer. From books to inspire artists to books that delve into art […]

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