Nature monoprints with gelatin plates

Grade Level 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 Duration 2-3 classes of 45 minute length Materials gelitin plate (homemade or commercial), inks (I used Speedball) or paints, brayers, newspaper, paper, leaves, ferns and other plant material, and texture plates or textured materials Media Printing, Monoprint Lesson Objectives Students will… create and original monoprint applying concepts of shape, […]

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Haring Gelli Monoprints

Grade Level 5-6 Duration 3 90 minute class periods Materials White paper, pencil, colored pencils, scrap paper (for stencil), scissors, glue, colored paper, glue, gelli plate, newspaper, objects for creating texture on the printing plate, acrylic paint, brayer Media Acrylic, Color pencils, Paper Lesson Objectives Identify elements of an artist’s style. Create a monoprint; incorporate […]

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