Nature Themed Collagraph

Grade Level 7-8, 9-10 Duration 10 classes, 45 minutes Materials For making the collagraph plate: Thin cardboard (like cereal boxes), thicker card to mount on, corrugated card, string, hot glue, white glue, Shellac (to seal) For printing: water based inks in red, blue, yellow, brayer, plexiglass for inking, printing paper, printing press (alternative, use a […]

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Cut Paper designs inspired by Molas

Grade Level 9-10 Duration 10 classes, 45 minutes Materials Exacto knife, extra blades, scissors, stapler, fade resistant construction paper of a variety of colors (enough black for each student), glue (I prefer Elmer’s used sparingly) white color pencils, paper or sketchbooks for design development, pencil Media Paper Lesson Objectives Explore the connections between culture and […]

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