Reverse Image Search 101 PLUS some pro tricks and tips

I’ve written on this topic before but there is a constant demand to educated art teachers on this topic. Let’s cover this reverse image search thing again, and some other nifty ticks as well. Let’s say a student turns in a work that just isn’t plausibly theirs. How do you prove it?  We are going […]

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Moral Development and Art Plagiarism: An Art Teacher’s Viewpoint

When you think of high schoolers and cheating most people think of a plagiarized essay or copying math homework. They don’t necessarily jump to art. Yet, I think I am in good company when I say cheating and plagiarism are alive and well in the art room. In what way you ask?  Oh, let me […]

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Art Plagiarism Digital Handout

Click here to download our Plagiarism Handout And, use our Quizizz Quiz here

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