Proportions of the human figure

Click on the link to see and download Proportions of the Human Figure

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Figure it out: Inspiration for figure drawing

Let’s talk about figure drawing. Figure drawing is hard! It’s also hard to get a classroom of students who aren’t confident with their drawing skills to get excited about figure drawing because very few people do it well off the bat. Drawing the human form takes basic drawing skills plus an understanding of the human […]

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Claes Oldenburg Cardboard Sculptures

Grade Level 9-10, 11-12 Duration 15 classes, at 50 minutes per class Materials Cardboard, paste (half water, half elmers), tape and hot glue Media Lesson Objectives Students will learn how use scale and proportions skills. They will gain group and communication skills as well as creative thinking with others. Introductory Activity Claes Oldenburg photos, videos, […]

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