Radial Print

Grade Level 9-10, 11-12 Duration Duration 7-10 periods, 60 minute periods Materials • Linoleum, Either a roll or flat 36” x 36” linoleum sheets in Battleship Grey or Golden Wonder Cut, cut down into 4” x 4” pieces for students. • Paper for sketching out potential designs • Paper cut down to 9” x 17” […]

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Day of the Dead (dia de los Muertos) Illustration (using vector art)

Grade Level 9-10, 11-12 Duration 7 periods, 45 minutes in length Materials Computer with the Adobe Illustrator program Media Digital Lesson Objectives The student will… Learn about the geometric concepts like radial patterns and symmetry. Will learn a variety of Adobe Illustrator tools including the rotate, reflect, pathfinder options, and blend tool. Introductory Activity Talk […]

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