Thanksgiving: Fact or Fiction with famous pieces of art

Click here to see and download the Thanksgiving Facts with Famous Thanksgiving Art.

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Gratitude Bingo Card

To play Gratitude Bingo, ask students to create images of things they are grateful for. it might be a pet, a friend, a favorite food, etc. Students draw the image in the Bingo template pattern, where the numbers traditionally go. The teacher will call general items, “If you drew a pet, please mark the box.” […]

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Food as a Muse, Wayne Thiebaud turns 100 years old

This month, on November 15, artist Wayne Thiebaud turns 100 years old. So, this month I have some related content if you should you opt to do a Wayne Thiebaud style project. Preparing the content made me reflect how, in my house, November is all about food. First, we enter November on Halloween’s heals, candy […]

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