Patterned Animals

Grade Level 9-10, 11-12 Duration 10 periods, 45 minutes in length Materials Adobe Illustrator Media Digital Lesson Objectives For the student to… understand making using Adobe Illustrator’s pattern maker. understand how to approximate a pattern’s value. to use original and found patterns to collage digitally an illustration of an animal. Introductory Activity This project assumes […]

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Still Life on Gray Paper

Grade Level 9-10 Duration 15 classes of 40 minute periods Materials Gray paper (with some tooth), black charcoal sticks, black charcoal pencils, white charcoal pencils, white charcoal sticks, blending stubs, variety of erasures, drawing boards or easels, working and regular fixative and a view finder. Still life items including white, black, and gray clothes. Media […]

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Value Self Portraits

Grade Level 9-10 Duration 12-15 classes, 45 minutes Materials Access to cameras, photo editing program. printer, old magazines, acetate, Elmer glue, acrylic glaze medium Media Collage Lesson Objectives For students to identify value accurately. For students to view areas of the photograph abstractly through shape and value. For students to lean how to utilize collage […]

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