Terms and Conditions

Last updated October 16, 2023

My Art Lesson is run as a sole proprietorship under the owner, Maureen Meyer. Maureen owns and operates  myartlesson.com  (the “Website”), a website that provides educational resources via the Internet.

My Art Lesson provides its services to you (the “User”) subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms”). The Terms may be updated and/or revised from time to time by My Art Lesson without notice to the User, and such Terms become effective when posted. Please be aware that it is the User’s responsibility to regularly review the Terms to stay informed of any changes or revisions.

In consideration of using the Website, the User is bound by Part A of these Terms, which contains provisions applicable to ALL Users, including casual visitors to the Website.


When submitting a file or idea to My Art Lesson, the author acknowledges it is their original creation and grants My Art Lesson a royalty-free, non-expiring, sub-licensing right to use their file and/or idea on this website. My Art Lesson may edit the submission for length, clarity, spelling and language inaccuracies, or to enhance the lesson. Photos may be minimally edited before publishing, and photos of students will not be used.

Files or information submitted to My Art Lesson may be removed if the ownership and copyright is challenged by a third party, the process for doing this is listed below.

Submissions may be edited by the author after publication to update any information if they choose. To do so, email the desired edits to info@myartlesson.com along with a link to the published page and we will respond within 30 days.

My Art Lesson will never sell your submissions and if anyone asks to reprint your material elsewhere, they will be directed to get permission from you. If you have any questions about this arrangement feel free to email My Art Lesson at info@myartlesson.com.

Part A: Provisions Applicable to All Users

The following provisions shall apply to all Users, including without limitation each teacher (individually a “Teacher” and collectively, “Teachers”), each parent or legal guardian (individually, a “Parent” and collectively, “Parents”), and all other visitors to the Website:

Permitted Uses

As an educational Website catering to schools, teachers, and parents, My Art Lesson provides a unique set of services for visitors to the Website. The following uses are explicitly permitted:

  1. Except as otherwise limited by these Terms or by My Art Lesson, individuals, organizations, and schools are free to use the Website for any lawful purpose that furthers the interests of children or education as determined by My Art Lesson.
  2. The materials shared on the Website or email mailing list, including both text and graphics, may be accessed, downloaded or sent to a printer solely for the User’s personal, private, non-commercial, and lawful use (not placed on the internet for others to see). If used in the classroom setting, images and content may be shared with students.

Prohibited Uses

Prohibited uses of the Website include without limitation the following:

  1. No text, graphics or other material or content available on this Website may be copied, modified or distributed for commercial purposes without prior written permission from My Art Lesson and the submitting teacher or user.
  2. No text, graphics or other material or content available on this Website may be placed on the internet for others to see without prior written permission from My Art Lesson and the submitting teacher or user.
  3. In the event that the submitter is not available to grant permission and an honest effort has been made to contact them, then My Art Lesson will make that determination.

Ownership and Copyright Challenges

My Art Lesson accepts content submissions from registered users, and also solicits content through other channels. If you wish to challenge the ownership or copyright of any content, please email info@myartlesson.com and we will respond within 30 days.

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