Scratch-Off Zentangle Landscapes featured image

Grade Level

7-8, 9-10


5-10 class periods, periods are 1.5 hours in length


Black Tempera Paint, Crayons, 9×12” Drawing Paper, Toothpick/Thumbtack/Something pointy,
Zentangle reference sheets


Mixed media

Lesson Objectives

The student will…
• explore mark-making and pattern
• understand foreground, middle ground, and background and be able to display the concepts in their landscapes

Introductory Activity

Students learn about Zentangles, the word “Zen” and its origin, and practice drawing zentangles on a worksheet.
Students learn about landscapes and the spatial concepts of foreground/middle ground/background.
Students look at examples of landscapes for inspiration

Lesson Process

Students sketch out a simplified landscape on drawing paper. The lines must be “doubled” so that a space between them will remain paper white. View photos at the end for reference.

Students will color in the leftover shapes with crayons.

Students only layer black tempera paint on top of the crayon areas, leaving the white line areas
clean. The students will need to do multiple layers to make the paint thick and solid when dry.

The students will etch in zentangle patterns using a pointy tool in each area, using a different pattern every time.


pattern, foreground, middle ground, background, sgraffito


Resources for zentangle patterns
Pinterest board of patterns
Zentangle Basics, Expanded Workbook Edition: A Creative Art Form Where All You Need is Paper, Pencil & Pen
Zentangle Practice Worksheet

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Molly Leighann

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