Have some time to kill this week? Consider an animated short. All of these animated shorts are festive and age-appropriate for 5-12. We have previewed and put our stamp of approval on all these, plus our comments. What can you learn from an animated short? Composition, storytelling, form, lighting, character development, etc. If you want, you could follow it up with a lesson. Find inspiration here.

Time: 7:01
Summary: A fight between man and mouse ends in an unexpected friendship.
My Art Lesson: A heartwarming short film with beautiful animations,  a nice score, and a sweet story.

Length: 2:30
Summary: It’s winter in Patagonia, and food is getting scarce. Koro the Llama engages with Oti, the pesky penguin, in an epic fight over that last tasty berry.
My Art Lesson: Intense, action-packed, and a little stressful at moments, but with a sweet ending.

Length: 6:00
Summary: The inspiring story of a penguin who tries to fly. He achieves something even more amazing than flight through various trials and tribulations.
My Art Lesson Comment: Taking Flight expresses our need to embrace simple moments where play collides with imagination. It was a great lesson and funny, too. 

Length: 1:22
Summary: A Short film about a lost present who searches the Arctic for his companion.
My Art Lesson: Very short but sweet.

Length: 7:55
Summary: Inspired by true events and filled with messages of empathy and hope, Umbrella follows Joseph’s story, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of having a yellow Umbrella.
My Art Lesson Comment: Sweet with sad moments but ultimately hopeful.

Length: 2:04
Summary: A girl’s relationship over the years with a snowman who comes alive.
My Art Lesson Comment: A poignant and sweet story.

Length: 6:15
Summary: This animated short is about an adorable, cocoa-drinking deer eager to tidy and shovel in front of his house daily. However, there is a suspicious earthquake all night, which causes a mess day by day and makes our fella’s life unbearable.
My Art Lesson Comment: Adorable, winter-themed short. Fun ending.

Length: 6:21
Summary: On a snow-covered plain, a lonesome, hungry fox sets out for a morning hunt, hoping to find a tasty rodent to snack on. But the mouse he finds is no ordinary mouse.
My Art Lesson Comment:  Charming, beautifully animated.  Some short scenes might be frightening or stressful for younger viewers. If you are steering away from Christmas, this short fits that bill while still being winter-themed.

Length: 2:00
Summary: As Christmas approaches, a young girl is practicing day in and day out for a dance performance at her school’s talent show, while her dad seems completely distracted by work and other errands. Warning: Heartwarming ending.
My Art Lesson Comment: While the story does occur during the Christmas season and centers on a “Christmas Pageant,” its focus is predominantly on the father-daughter relationship, describing the struggles of a single parent.

Length: 3:37
Summary: Commissioned for the Spanish Lottery, this charming tale centers on the night watchman for a mannequin factory. Despite his lonely existence, he seeks to spread joy to his co-workers whom he never sees.
My Art Lesson Comment: This story is all visual, so the fact that it was commissioned for the Spanish Lottery is a non-issue regarding language barriers. It is a great opportunity to teach about different holiday traditions worldwide (the Spanish lottery being a unique tradition explained here).

Length: 2:00
Summary: Join Sam, a strong-willed 8-year-old who wants nothing more than a little time with her family, and discover the true meaning of Together Time.
My Art Lesson Comment: Commissioned by Chickfila. Shows a Christmas tree in the family’s home.