Grade Level

7-8, 9-10, 11-12


2 periods of 45 minute length


Students select the media they feel most appropriate.


Mixed media

Lesson Objectives

For students to…
Become more familiar with famous artists and artworks
To become familiar with an artists style
To show an awareness of matching font to their selected artist’s style

Introductory Activity

I like to introduce students to famous art works that are iconic, ones that they will see again and again through their life time. You can create your own list or use any available list on the internet, one possible choice here (warning, some nudes in this curated list).
You can also talk about the history if the valentine’s day card.

Lesson Process

Examine some examples, like the student images provided here.
You can let students pick their own artists or pull a name from a hat, or pick from a list. Have students research and create thumbnails for a few different artists, both the front cover of the card and the inside text and signature, all in keeping with their artist. Then students will execute the cover and inside 5×7. This could be on card stock, heavy paper, paper appropriate for the media, in sketchbooks, etc. Students can pick media that they feel competent with and in keeping with their artist. Discuss the font choice for the card and the artists signature also, keeping in theme.


art history, lay out, font, card


The most famous paintings in the world, ranked

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Supporting Images