1. A Crash Course in Typography: The Basics of Type
    Teach yourself and students critical design info like Typefaces vs. Fonts: Difference?  If you or your students are intimidated by typography this site is for you.
  2. KernType: A letter spacing game
    This game will teach you what kerning is and will have you learn like a pro in no time. All while having fun.
  3. ShapeType: a letter-shaping game
    An essential skill that type designers must have is the ability to draw letters and characters using vector shapes. In this online game, you will shape letters by moving vector anchor points to the correct location.
  4. TypeWar
    This online game will test your typeface identification skills. It will show you a letter and your job is to determine what font the letter is.
  5. The Logo Quiz
    My students loved this game. This logo quiz is simple to play and provides a good example of just how powerful typographic logos and company colors can be.
  6. Type Connection: A typographic Dating Game
    A cleverly disguised educational online game for designers. The objective of this fun design game is to pair font styles together that suit each other and would work well on any graphic content. Your pairing will be marked, and you will find out if the font styles are compatible.
  7. The Good Page
    Even in a room with a bunch of graphic designers, you would hear, “Is that a widow or orphan? I can never remember the difference.” So, this website lays out lots of basic terms and rules when working with bodies of type.
  8. Get familiar with Type Anatomy
    Most of us know what a serif is but what about a counter or a stem?
  9. The power of typography | Mia Cinelli | TEDxUofM
    Time: 12:46
    What do the Empire State Building, the iPhone, and Times New Roman have in common? They were all designed. Artist and designer Mia Cinelli opens our eyes to the decisions designers make in the world of typography and reveals how these decisions impact our daily lives.
  10. The History of Typography – Animated Short
    A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography. The content is great and pithy and its animation (140 hours of work!) is a piece of art in itself.

Bonus: Start your class off with these typographical jokes for designers.