Grade Level

9-10, 11-12


7 periods, 45 minutes in length


Adobe Illustrator



Lesson Objectives

The objective is
To create awareness of typographical forms
To think creatively to create an illustration using the appropriate tools in Illustrator
To layout a page of type and text

Introductory Activity

Teach the anatomy of type to students.
Look at the book, Bembo’s Zoo. Bemboo’s Zoo used to also have a website (built in flash) that is no longer in existence but you can see it on You Tube (see list resources below for a link).
Have student find or create a haiku related to animal. This is the animal they will be challenged to illustrate using type only. They can pick one type Body to work with and can use all typographic marks.

Lesson Process

Student will need to be taught how to work with the type tool in illustrator. Introduce students to glyphs and how to access them. Show student how to move, size and rotate type in illustrator.
Once their image is created, student can then move to page layout. Do they want color? How will they balance the page? If this was a book, what is the book’s page size? What size should the font be for the Haiku? This is a time to introduce leading, type hierarchy, etc.


shoulder, x-height, serif, san serif, eye, apterature, baseline, meanline, cap height, ascender, descender, stem, bar, bowl. counter, leg

Resources – Bembo Zoo
ABC. Alphabet fun for kids. Bembo’s Zoo – ABC animations – YouTube
Typography Cheat Sheet [Infographic] – Designmodo

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