I went back to school for graphic design and fell in love with type. I love projects involving type; you don’t need a graphic design background to do many of these lessons.

  1. Zentangle-inspired letters
    Check out Margaret Bremner’s blog for inspiration as well as Mr. MintArt’s blog.
  2. Text portraits and figures
    Check out our lesson here.
    Untitled-Self-Portrait-grey-copy-scaled.jpg (2560×2560)
  3. Type and Texture Study Rubbings
    You can find our Typography and Texture Study here,
  4. Type Faces
    It’s written up as a downloadable sub-lesson here at My Art Lesson but certainly could be done as a lesson.
  5. Onomatopoeia Projects!
    Check out our WHAM! Paper Relief Sculptures.
  6. Go 3D  with letter sculptures.
    Inspiration here or Mrs. Wille’s Art Room blog to see her students’ Autobiographical Architectural Letters.
  7. Name Sculptures See Deborah Ladeby’s Art in the Middle blog for her name sculpture lesson.  Or check up on this complete lesson found at Cloverleaf Middle School’s art website.
    Stacks Image 9
  8. Expressive type
    Expressive type is a project my students loved.
    expressive fontExpressive Typography on Behance05.03 - Expressive Type - The Foundations of Typography — Steemit
  9. Micrography
    Find these great 8th-grade micrography examples found at art teacher Evan Asche’s blog.
  10. Letter patterns!
    Find directions here.
    Dido - Capital Y
  11. Jasper Johns-Inspired lesson
    Find directions at Lee Darter’s blog.
  12. Bemboos Zoo-inspired lesson
    For those that don’t know, Bamboo’s Zoo is a children’s book created by graphic Designer Roberto De Vicq de Cumptich and it also used to have a great animated website before Adobe Flash’s demise. You can still see examples of the animation on You Tube.
    We have this lesson inspired by Bemboo’s Zoo.
  13. Let’s not forget Graffiti Art, see the lesson here.