Some teachers like to start the year with a project involving students’ names. It helps you learn each student’s name and makes identifying students during those early days a breeze. You can use these as stand-alone projects or create the designs on sticky label paper to mark their portfolios.

1.Blogger Katherine Scott Maghini does these Matisse-style name designs, find examples on her blog.

2. Find the lesson for these symmetry name projects on the blog Time For Art!

3. You can find these symbolic self-portraits on Mr. Elmore’s Art Class Blog.

4. You can find the abstracted name design lesson at Betsy Morningstar’s NAEA e-portfolio here (you will need to scroll down the page).

5. I found this excellent foil art relief of a student’s name on Pinterest uploaded by Sofia Stiernborg. Art teacher Tina Grimes (second image above) uses HVAC Aluminum Tape.with black acrylic to stain followed by dry-brushing copper or gold. I found this similar lesson here.

6. You can find artist blogger Kathy Grimm’s Alien Name Cursive Exercise here.

7. Zentangle names! Found this on this blog.

8. Find this Graffiti name project at Art Club Blog.

9. Find directions for these Micrography Portraits on the blog Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue! 

10. Check out these identity grids at We Heart Art.