Grade Level

5-6, 7-8


6-8 class periods, class periods being 45 minutes in length


A strong variety of fine art materials; drawing supplies, painting supplies, cardboard, construction paper, scissors, glue.

Chibitronics Classroom Pack


Painting, Drawing

Lesson Objectives

Student’s will be able to construct a simple paper LED circuit and use light to enhance a work of art.

Introductory Activity

Students will learn how a circuit works using powerpoint slides, a Brain Pop Video, and hands on examples that they will practice labeling with the parts of a circuit. Students will research and view examples of paper circuits, LED lights, and art.

Lesson Process

1. Students complete a planning sheet with ideas and mini conference with teacher.
2. Students complete an original well planned out and executed work or art.
3. Students construct their paper circuit, using a template, and Chibitronics circuit materials, and attach to back of artwork.
4. Students share finished work in an artist statement on Flipgrid.


Circuit, Conductor, Power Source, Load, LED light, Craftsmanship


Author & Website/Blog

Catie Nasser

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