1. Laurence Vallières

Laurence Vallières is an artist based in Montreal who makes cardboard sculptures of animals.
Website: Lauvallieres.com
Instagram: Laurence Vallières (@lauvallieres)
YouTube: Check out this interview with Vallières

2. James Grashow

James Grashow is an American sculptor and woodcut artist. He is best known for his sculptures and large-scale installations made of cardboard.
Website: Jamesgrashow.com
Instagram: James Grashow (@jamesgrashow)
YouTube: Check out this interview with Gradshow.
Book: Corrugated Fountain: The Cardboard Bernini

3. Ann Weber

American Artist Ann Weber creates monumental sculptures from found cardboard boxes. Her interest is in expanding the possibilities of creating beauty from ordinary and mundane materials.
Website: AnnWebberSculpture.com
Instagram: Ann Weber (@ann_weber_sculpture)
YouTube: Check out this video on Ann Webber
Book: Beauty, Joy & Wonder: The Art of Ann Weber

4. Kiel Johnson

American artist Kiel Johnson considers himself an explorer whose work speaks to his travels and adventures through everyday life. He is best known for his meticulous cardboard replicas of obsolete technology, such as Polaroid cameras, boomboxes, and printing presses.
Website: Kieljohnson.com
Instagram: Kiel Johnson (@kieljohnson)
YouTube: Check out his Ted Talk, The Art All Around Us: Kiel Johnson at TEDxEQChCh, and this interview, Kiel Johnson: Living His Creative Life.

5. Ali Golzad

Ali Golzad is a Texas-based artist & designer originally from Sweden. He specializes in digital and reclaimed art.
Website: No website, but check him out on Behance
Instagram: Ali Golzad (@golzad)
YouTube: Artist Ali Golzad on using recycled cardboard to make art

6. Warren King

Warren King is a Chinese American self-taught artist. King’s sculptures are based on personal stories reflecting his relationship to his ancestors and culture. 
Website: wrnking.com
Instagram: Warren King (@wrnking)
YouTube: Sculptor Warren King accepting an award from the National Sculpture Society

7. Nonamey

Nonamey (they/them) is an American trans-non-binary, indigenous (Ojibwe), Portland-based artist who spent their formative years in Taos, New Mexico. They use cardboard, acrylic, spray paint, and paper to create a body of work varying from sculpture, painting, and installation art.
Website: Nonamey.com
Instagram: Nonamey (@nonameynonamey)
YouYube: Indigenous Two Spirit Artist: NoNamey

8. Giles Oldershaw

Giles Oldershaw is an American artist who specializes in layered corrugated cardboard portraits.
Website: Gilesoldershaw.co.uk
Instagram: N/A
YouTube: N/A
Article: My Modern Met

9. James Lake

A UK artist who works in cardboard “due to its immediacy, ease of availability, reasonable cost and low environmental impact.” He is known best for his life-size, three-dimensional portraits of people and animals.
Website: Jameslakesculpture.co.uk
Instagram: N/A
YouTube: Turning cardboard into art

10. Chris Gilmore

Chris Gilmour is a British sculptor specializing in hyperrealistic, life-size objects made solely from cardboard and glue.
Website: chrisgilmour.com
Instagram: N/A
YouTube: Cars, Mopeds, Bicycles Made Entirely Out Of Paper

11. Mark Langan

Mark Langan is a self-taught artist who aspires to be known as “the box guy.” His work includes unique cardboard logos for corporate clients such as Kellogg’s, Propr Clothing, and Sycamore Containers.

Website: Langanart.com
Instagram: Mark Langan (@langanart)
YouTube: Visit his YouTube channel and see the time-lapse creations of commissioned work.

12. Christian Tagliavini

 Christian Tagliavini is an Italian-Swiss photographer known for his series “Dames di Cartone” (Cardboard Women) and “1503”, representing 16th and 17th-century fashion portraits. He made the costumes using corrugated, cut, colored paper, cardboard, and plywood.

Website: Christiantagliavini.com
Instagram: Christian Tagliavini (@christiantagliavinifotografie)
YouTube: MASTERFUL Portraits to transport you on an extraordinary voyage (Christian Tagliavini)