Do you need a quick, inexpensive idea for Halloween this year? I have inspiration for you then in the form of art teacher, Megan Henry. Henry has a tradition you might want to start. She’s been doing art history-inspired cardboard masks. Not only is this a super fun Halloween idea, but you could also definitely make it a lesson at the high school level. Henery’s tradition she explained, “Every Halloween eve I make my own artist costume out of cardboard. I had 365 days prior to tomorrow…. Brain: ‘Nah, let’s wait until the night before.’”
“How does she wear it?” and “How does she see while wearing the mask?” are the most common questions art teachers asked her. “I create the eyes in the cheeks actually because the face is so large. I take a box of copy paper, create shoulder rests attach the head to the front of the copy box with hot glue and then I guess to where to make the pinhole for my eyes. I only do one hole because it’s easier to see through by closing one. I then create two large holes where my face can see out of it.” The masks sit on her shoulder, “literally is just two curved cutouts that dig into my shoulder to keep it in place.”

. All the past masks.

  No photo description available. Henry highly recommends a Canary box-cutting tool. She warns, “NEVER use X-acto knives or box cutters with a single blade. These [Canary cutting tools] are AMAZING!”

Above, see the evolution of her Salvador Dalí mask.