Grade Level

9-10, 11-12


3-4 class periods, 45 minutes


Brown butcher paper, color pencils (I have also done this lesson with just pencil and white conte and simple crayons could be another potential media).


Color pencils

Lesson Objectives

For students to observe and apply fundamental perspective skills in drawing lunch bags.

Introductory Activity

Teach students basic perspective using simple boxes in space. They should draw a horizon line, a vertical line, draw sides receding to a vanishing point, etc. Students should draw one with the teacher step by step and then draw some by themselves. Introduce vocabulary as you move through the process. Look at photographs of objects and art that show perspective in action. Ask, “How do we see space?” and, “How do we display space on a two dimensional plane?” Talk about how we see perspective in photographs through perspective.

Lesson Process

Student are given a paper bag to set up. Students can minimally change the bag to give it some individuality- create, fold, bend, crinkle the bag. Students set up the bag to show two point perspective. Identify parallel lines receding to a vanishing point as well as parallel vertical lines. Students will work on these issues for about a 45 minute class period. It’s good to take breaks and have students look and critique each other’s drawings. I walk around and point out lines that should be parallel and aren’t. Check out the related post and resource.


Converging lines, Perpendicular lines, Linear Perspective, Horizon Lines, Parallel lines, Atmospheric Perspective, Diminishing size, Shading, One point Perspective, Two point perspective


Two Point Perspective – How to Use Linear Perspective

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