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12×18 inch tag board, micron pens, Sharpie, pencil, ruler, paper, and colored marker


Mixed media

Lesson Objectives

For the student to…
Explore line, pattern, and visual texture
Experiment with “breaking the frame” or “bleeding off the page” compositional techniques to build more complex arrangements of the subject.

Introductory Activity

This project is a natural extension of Zentangles, a lesson students would have experienced in an earlier level of Art. For this project, introduce the concept of the Zentangle Triptych Lesson by using the presentation (see resources). After students have a sense of the project, students will begin by gathering visual resources and sketching different animals in their sketchbooks. Students then select their top 2 sketches. After receiving their final paper, a 12×18 tag board, students measure the frame first. Give the paper a one-inch border on all sides. The first triptych will be 4 inches by 10 inches. The second will be 6 inches x 10 and the last will be another one 4 x 10 inches. The spaces between the triptychs will be one inch.

Lesson Process

The students must design with this rubric in mind:
Must have at least 2 different animals.
Must have 3-5 things hanging “over” the frame with pencil shading.
Must have the frame shaded with pencil.
Must fill up 80% of the paper excluding the frame.
Include 4 or more different zentangle- inspired patterns
Neatness, Effort, Completion
Optional: use of ONE color other than black


breaking the frame, shape, pattern, composition, line


Zentangle Patterns
Triptych Lesson Presentation

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