Art History Inspired Face Masks


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After ending one school year that looked nothing like any school year we have ever known, we can’t help but look forward to the next and wonder, what is in store? In my home state of Massachusetts the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education officials shared that masks will be required and class sizes limited to 10 students for the 2020-2021 school year. So much is up in the air yet but it’s almost certain that masks are becoming the new normal. I am wondering how masks can be both a necessary safety measure as well as a fashion accessory that we can have some fun with.

I’ve done some legwork on masks and have some businesses to suggest for art inspired masks. I have no relationship with these businesses and am not receiving any money from anyone for this post.  Before I dive in, I will mention that face shields may be a possible alternative for teachers with breathing issues like asthma. Check with your school system to find out if a face shield might be an acceptable substitute.

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