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Grade Level

7-8, 9-10, 11-12


2-3 45 minute class periods


Black India Ink. sharpie, micron pens, white smooth cardstock, scissors, glue. air spray canister (check and see if your tech folks have some to share) or straws, color pencils (optional)


Pen and Ink, India Ink

Lesson Objectives

For the student to stretch their imaginative thinking skills.

Introductory Activity

Look at artist and his process in creating ink blob monsters. As a warm up you can look at Rorschach Tests and play Complete the Incomplete Figure Test. You can find that in the Resource List. Also, watch the videos on how artist Stefan Bucher , creator of these ink blot monsters, explains his process for creating his ink splatters and the general process of making a monster.

Lesson Process

Each student should have several sheets of smooth illustration cardstock. Put a drop of ink down (Stefan Bucher uses a toothbrush) and use the air spray to spread the ink. Don’t over blow the ink, one or two passes. Make several ink blots on your paper and let dry. The student can then look through and see which inspires them. Develop the monster- add a body and features with your sharpies and micron pens. You can add on top of the ink by drawing and cutting eyes or other features and gluing them on top.


illustration, imagination, graphic art, style


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