Monster Burger/Sandwich Collages

Grade Level

5-6, 7-8


5 periods, 45 minutes in length


A variety of colored construction paper, scissors, glue, and black construction paper for backing



Lesson Objectives

For the student to…

Stretch their imagination by imagining how the sandwich ingredients can be used to also create monster features.

For the student to use humor in building their Monster Burger/Sandwich.

For the student to develop their ideas first as a sketch and then as a collage.

Introductory Activity

Introduce the lesson by explaining that the students will be creating a collage depicting a giant sandwich/burger with 6+ ingredients. One of the ingredients must be disgusting and at least one ingredient doubles as a monster facial feature. Think olives or eggs could be eyes or a pickle or tomato could be the monster’s tongue.

Collect a Monster Sandwiches media album to look at with your students to inspire ideas. In that album, you can collect visuals of monster sandwiches as well as “dagwood” style sandwiches and monsters.

Have students create a sketch/written notes for their Monster Burger/Sandwich meeting the following criteria: • •
• Create a list of ingredients to include in a monster sandwich illustration.
• Include six or more typical ingredients such as roll, bread, burger, lunchmeat, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, olives, and onion.
• Add at least 3 disgusting, creepy, unappetizing ingredients such as worms, a fish skeleton, snakes, zombie hands, brains, etc…
• Ask yourselves if any of the ingredients could double as features of a monster. For example:
Olives, eggs = eyes
Pickle, tomato = tongue
Melted cheese = teeth
Ketchup = blood
Snakes, worms = hair, arms

Lesson Process

Now students will begin another sketch to start giving more visual detail. Use reference images found in the Monster Sandwiches media album, found online, or in a step-by-step video to sketch a sandwich. Be sure to:
• include 6 traditional ingredients
• illustrate bread as rounded parallelograms, trapezoids
• draw the top of the roll as a half circle
• include at least 1 disgusting ingredient
include ingredient details, and accurate shapes, which must be recognizable
• have one ingredient do double duty to also form a monster feature
• overlap ingredients
• make ingredients all about the same width
• fill the space
• submit the best sketch
Optional: add arms and/or legs

When the student has received feedback on the sketch they can then start the final collaged piece. Collage Instructions:
Read feedback on the sketch, and make all suggested changes.
Work individually or with a partner. If working with a partner, decide which sketch to use for the final collage, or combine the best parts of each sketch to include.
If working individually select medium black paper for the background, if working with a partner, select large black paper, then choose small papers to match the colors of the ingredients. Use scrap paper when possible.
Outline the shape of the ingredient on the back of small or scrap paper the size of 1-2 hands (in the corner to save space).
Approval to NEATLY cut out ingredients.
Add details of different colors to each ingredient.
The eyes must be black and white (anime’ reflections?).
Approval to glue details to each ingredient.
Layout all ingredients, overlap, fill space, and approval to glue.
Submit an in-focus, well-lit, cropped, upright photo.


collage, visual metaphor, craftsmanship, scale


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