Grade Level

9-10, 11-12


1 period/ possibly a sketchbook assignment


Pencil, paper/sketchbook


Pencil, Photography/Film/Technology

Lesson Objectives

For the student to…
Practice creativity skills by combining every-day objects with simple illustrations to turn them into pictures of playful scenes.

Introductory Activity

Introduce students to artists to artist Victor Nunes and cartoonists Humaun Kabir Manik and Kamruzzaman Ratan (twin brothers) who play with the ideas of interactive drawings and sketches.
Ask students to make a list of small objects around their houses and studios and to start thinking and sketching ideas for what they could become in a drawing or how they could interact.
This could be a sub plan or homework assignment

Lesson Process

Draw! Seriously…. no real process for this as it’s intended to be a sub plan or sketchbook activity.


illustration, cartooning


Manik and Ratan – The terrific twins | The Daily Star
Everyday object art faces – Victor Nunes
21 Interactive drawings ideas

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