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Grade Level



15 periods, periods are 40-minute periods


black railroad board, white colored pencil, white ink, or white gel pen, pencil, sketchbook



Lesson Objectives

For the student to

  • Use observation skills to make a drawing of lace
  • Explore line and line weight while drawing.
  • To consider composition when developing their sketches.

Introductory Activity

Students will explore lace patterns and find examples online (or in person) to work from.
Students will learn about the history and uses of lace historically.
Students will start by sketching in their sketchbooks before beginning their final artwork. 

Lesson Process

Use the slide show to introduce the student to lace, exploring what lace is, the history of lace, and the procedure for the lesson. Discuss line and line weight as an essential element to explore in sketches and final work. Students are encouraged to look intently at the images of lace and explore its intricacies. When students feel confident in their preliminary student using a pencil in their sketchbook, they can move on to their final on the black railroad board. Emphasize keeping the white colored pencils sharp to achieve delicate thin lines they observe.


line, line weight, pattern, value, positive and negative space


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