Grade Level



10 classes, 45 minutes


Computer lab, Illustrator



Lesson Objectives

To develops a related series of images on a single topic
To practice vector art skills, using the Pen Tool and showing mastery of layers To develop a person style and look in illustrative approach.

Introductory Activity

This would be an intermediate Adobe Illustrator project. Students should have good pen tool skills. This project would
As a class look at postage stamps series such as Legends of Hollywood, Black Heritage, Wonders of America, Elsworth Kelley stamps, etc.
Look at graphic designers and illustrators who develop a distinctive look and style to their work, like Elen Winata and Grahame Baker-Smith. Ask your self, what is similar to each of her stamps? What holds them together as a related body of work?

Lesson Process

Students will practice work on mastery of the Illustrator tools during the assignment, including pen tool and layers. But, the lesson is largely an illustration lesson. Students should begin by brainstorming topics they might illustrate. Students should make a list of ten topics and discuss with fellow classmates and teacher and finally select a topic. Once the topics are selected, The work in sketchbook on possible compositions for each stamp. There series should have at least four stamp designs. Students should gather reference images as needed for the topic selected and on designs in their sketchbook.


pattern, balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, unity and movement


Postage Stamp Posters Feature Beautifully Reimagined City Stamps
Grahame Baker–Smith | 150 Years of Alice | People of Print

Author’s Website/Blog

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